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The members of OBC – small and large companies or associations – all share a conviction: the emergence of biodiversity certificates and an associated market are essential to have a real positive impact on the conservation and regeneration of biodiversity. Find their testimonials here.

If our common objective is to halt the decline of biodiversity and even to regenerate it, then we must create the tool that will allow companies to measure the impact of their local actions in this area, an essential first step for them can then finance large-scale projects. Biodiversity certificates and the associated market are this tool. This is why aDryada wanted to create OBC.


Accelerating the financing of biodiversity actions requires a support tool for decision, which is why OBC is essential.

Le Printemps des Terres

The lack of standardized frameworks is currently hindering the growth of the biodiversity market and preventing investment in nature. At Abundant Earth, we leverage technology to measure, report, and uplift biodiversity within regeneration or restoration projects. We are deeply aligned with OBC's mission to create a robust methodology by striking the right balance between market demand and assessment quality.

Abundant Earth

Ardian aims to be a world leading investor in nature restoration projects. High-quality carbon credits have been so far one of the only available tools to finance such projects, which can have a strong positive impact on biodiversity. We are convinced that biodiversity certificates will be an additional tool in the future, if it is based on a methodology with strong scientific basis, and if it is easy to use for companies. We feel that the project led by OBC meets these two criteria. We are extremely glad to be a member of the OBC and to contribute to building the certificates framework and the basis for an associated market.


Since 2005 we've been committed to engaging companies in favor of biodiversity. We've been waiting for a long time for a system allowing both, the financing of biodiversity preservation and regeneration and the appraisal of companies' actions

Biodiv Corp

Biota is a biodiversity project operator that offers integrated project management to its clients, to help them commit to biodiversity and climate within their territories. Biota joined the OBC to contribute to a participatory, innovative and demanding initiative for the valorization of projects useful for biodiversity.


For more than a year, we have developed our internal expertise to identify the most appropriate carbon neutrality contribution strategy. The mono-indicator approach presents its limitations and the OBC links two inseparable topics: contributing to the life and ecosystem restoration while contributing to the increase of sustainable natural carbon sinks


EcoTree carries out restoration projects of natural ecosystems in Europe and enables the contribution of companies and individuals to Nature-based Solutions. We are convinced that the elaboration of a European framework for measuring the positive impact of projects on biodiversity will accelerate the contributions of everyone to ecosystems, in addition to actions to mitigate the impacts of organizations.


Fransylva is the only organization representing forest owners in all their diversity. We joined OBC to value the services provided by sustainable forest management.


The Gold Standard Foundation was established in 2003 by civil society (WWF, Friends of the Earth, among others) and is today a globally recognised certification body that promotes sustainable development by certifying projects and portfolios of projects that contribute to climate action and the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through rigorous standards and stakeholder engagement, the Foundation ensures that projects deliver measurable and verified environmental and social benefits, such as emissions reductions, clean energy generation, and improved livelihoods. By mobilising investments and providing technical support, the Foundation plays a crucial role in creating a more sustainable and resilient future for communities worldwide. Gold Standard supports the work of OBC to drive value for biodiversity and is proud to be engaged in this initiative.

Gold Standard

The GoodPlanet Foundation aims at making all stakeholders aware of the current environmental and social issues. It implements projects on the ground to act for the planet and its inhabitants. Our approach has always included the protection of biodiversity. OBC's proposition, of accelerating the protection of ecosystems by valuing practices that contribute to it, is up to the challenge of stopping life erosion by 2030.


Soils and biodiversity preservation have been a priority for Icade for several years. We believe that the financial valuation of actions in favor of biodiversity will allow for their propagation and, thus, an overall positive impact. That is why we are pleased to participate in OBC and the development of this mechanism of collective interest


Kanop’s mission is to measure the environmental benefits provided by ecosystems conservation and restoration projects worldwide. Utilizing satellite imagery, Kanop assists project developers and supply chains by supplying precise, scientifically-backed impact data to validate their positive contributions. We firmly believe that the impact on biodiversity represents a crucial component of these benefits, and we are looking forward to defining and implementing a robust framework that accurately encapsulates these essential elements.


Kering is thrilled to join the Organization for Biodiversity Certificates (OBC), a milestone that underscores our commitment to advancing science-based solutions for biodiversity conservation and restoration. By integrating OBC's rigorous methodologies into our existing initiatives, such as the projects of the Regenerative Fund for Nature, we aim to elevate and demonstrate the impact of our efforts to protect and restore ecosystems.


By protecting biodiversity, we fight against climate change. The biodiversity certificate mechanism is a promising way to act effectively to fight against its collapse. Let’s build it together

La belle Foret

Mirova’s mission is to support activities that preserve and restore ecosystems amongst others. We’ve been providing finance to nature-based projects aiming at restoring biodiversity for nearly 10 years. While carbon credits have historically been the main tool to make such projects viable, it’s time they can also be valued for the significant other benefits they generate – on nature, beyond climate. Hence we are convinced that biodiversity certificates are an interesting mechanism to build - and we are pleased to contribute to their development


Pernod Ricard produces and sources more than 100 ingredients (wheat, barley, cane, beets, grapes, agave, botanicals, etc.) from different terroirs around the world. Attentive to natural balances, we are committed to taking care of each terroir and its biodiversity and we believe that a biodiversity index is a good tool for assessing ecosystems' health and promoting regenerating practices


Planète Urgence is an association that preserves and restores forests in the most vulnerable areas – Indonesia, Cambodia, Madagascar, Benin, Cameroon, Ecuador, and Peru. Each project aims to generate impacts on 3 levels: biodiversity, community resilience, and climate. Through its involvement in OBC, Planète Urgence wishes to improve its understanding and capacity to measure biodiversity impacts within an ecosystem.

Planete Urgence

Reforest'Action's mission is large-scale terrestrial ecosystem restoration to address environmental challenges, leveraging the multi-functionality of ecosystems for long-term resilience. Biodiversity is one of the most significant impacts. Convinced that companies can drive environmental regeneration, Reforest'Action aims to contribute to their transformation through nature-based solutions. The company mobilizes strengths in regenerative agriculture, carbon projects, and impact measurement. Contributing to the creation of an international biodiversity certificate is the best way to encourage companies to restore biodiversity in their value chain and in other ecosystems.


Regeneration is a mission-driven company that funds the transition of farms to regenerative agriculture. We have chosen to join OBC to work and share our progress on the biodiversity assessment methodology. We want to see a virtuous consensus around measurement methodologies for companies working on externalities assessment of agricultural systems.


Considering the emerging biodiversity market and the recent 30 by 30 target from COP15, there is an urgent need to work toward a common methodology framework to measure, quantify and report biodiversity gains. South Pole is convinced these joint efforts will open doors to conserve important areas for the planet and communities that do not receive climate finance, and help closing the financial gap that exists for nature conservation

South Pole